Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Science in a Van

On Tuesday we had an amazing time with Allan and Emily from Science in a Van. We were learning about Mixtures. We found out that some things don't like to be mixed and separate. Other mixtures can cause a reaction. The mixture that we enjoyed the most was Allan's bubble mixture. Have a read of some of our stories and watch the slideshow.

I am blowing lots of bubbles with a stick.

I make bubbles and they go wobbly!

That's the wobbly bubble with two bubbles inside.

I am watching the bubbles when they go up and up.

I like the bubble going wibbly wobbly and I saw two people on the stage.

Allan is blowing big bubbles!

I like bubbles, dinosaur bubbles!

I like when Allan blew the big bubbles.

Allan is making a bunny bubble and a dinosaur bubble.

Science in a Van from andrea des forges on Vimeo.

No Hea Koe?

Whaea Patty has been teaching us how to introduce ourselves in Maori. We watched Ruma Rima's post 'No Hea Koe'  and were inspired to do the same. 

No Hea Koe? from andrea des forges on Vimeo.