Monday, 4 July 2016

Elliot's Birthday

Wow! Our Class Bear - Elliot is 21 years old. We thought we would give him a birthday party. We had to think about how we would organise a party. We made a list of party things and decided that our party would need to have jelly, cupcakes, popcorn, balloons, decorations, games and of course, invitations. It was a lot of work but we did it all and Elliot and his friends had a great time.

Here are some of our stories about the party.

We played with balloons and ate cake. I had fun!

At Elliot's birthday we played pin the tail on the lion and we played with the balloons.

I am eating cake and playing with balloons.

Why did Elliot have no presents?  Because he is not expecting presents but my birthday I got a bus and I got a watch. There was lots of balloons and we had cup cakes. It was lots of fun.

I was bouncing balloons with my teddy at Elliot's birthday.

I like Elliot's birthday because it was fun. I like the Stop-Go game.

Elliot's Birthday from andrea des forges on Vimeo.

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