Thursday, 4 August 2016

Our Space Adventure

On Thursday we thought that, just for a change, we would take a trip into outer space. Fortunately there happens to be a spaceship available at Newmarket School so we put on our spacesuits and climbed aboard. The spaceship was a Miss Morrison 2016 model.

Take off went without a problem. We all counted down and before we knew it we had passed through Earth's atmosphere and were heading for the moon. 

There were lots of buttons and controls and even some food for us to eat on the way! It takes a long way to get to the moon and Mars. We passed by the sun but didn't want to land.

It was getting close to Morning Tea time so we thought we'd better head back to school. The spaceship touched down and we headed back to write wonderful stories about our adventure.

We published our stories using Puppet Pals on the iPads.

astronauts from andrea des forges on Vimeo.

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