Friday, 9 December 2016

What a Crazy Penguin!

Sometimes the big kids come and read us a story that they have written. Caitlin's big brother Ronan, who is in Year 4, read us his story about what happens next in this picture.

Wow! I can see a polar bear laying on the cold and wet ice but a penguin had some cymbals...   Then the polar bear woke up and he was cranky. He raced after the penguin. The penguin ran and ran. The penguin saw water and he jumped into the water but when he looked behind himself he saw a seal. The penguin raced to land...but too late the seal got the penguin. The seal ate the penguin.
"Yum!" said the seal.
The polar bear then saw another penguin. She had a bag of fish. The polar bear sprang at the penguin. The penguin ran and ran until she could see a cave. She ran into the cave. The polar bear ran and ran but... then he got lost in a snow storm. The penguin was safe with her bag of fish.

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